Nessa: Ice

Nessa’s modelling career takes her all over the world! And under it apparently sometimes. She sure has photo shoots in some funky places. Such as under a glacier…

Natsuko vs. The Space Mermaids

Scuba diving on an alien planet, Natsuko is attacked by a pair of evil SPAAACE MERMAIDS…Will our heroine survive? This scenario was a Legion Poll Winner! To have a monthly say in what I draw, Join The Legion!

Akira and Melda

Akira and Melda are always just a bit too intense when it comes to their competitive natures. And heck yes, I ship them more places than UPS by 9am.

Kaoru Niimi

Kaoru Niimi, enjoying some fresh air and a nice dip in a relaxing hot tub. Wow, the Space Battleship Yamato really DOES have everything aboard, doesn’t it?