Sakura Scuba

This series has been retired to the vault. Legionnaires can request it for free, or the general public can purchase it at THE LEGION SUPPLY DEPOT as part of the Hidden Depths Megapack. An IMMENSE- 212 high-resolution images featuring not one, not two, but FIVE ladies from the Ninja world of Naruto: Sakura, Ino, Tenten, […]

Moon Mermaid

Legionnaire Poll Winner! Usagi Tsukino as a mermaid, swimming through a coral sea.

Michiru Mermaid

Michiru Kaioh as a mermaid, sitting in the shallows.

Mizuno Mermaid

Ami Mizuno as a mermaid, relaxing in a nice pool with a book. Wait, is she secretly reading a Sailor Moon Manga?!