Videl – Dive

For most folks, vacations are relaxing. For Videl, it’s a chance to race race fish.

Eres Moore

Eres Moore, professional treasure hunter, finding a huge haul in a sunken ship just off the coast. Hopefully no one else knows the location of this wreck…

Dani and Amy – Bonus 03

Bonus pic to go along with Chapter 3 of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” event begun during May, 2023.

Dani and Amy: Chapter Three

Chapter Three Sensation returned only in fits and starts. Dani became aware of being seated— no, not seated, reclining— on something soft, but not terribly comfortable. The sharp smell of disinfectants mingled with the sort of artificial tang of pure oxygen and scrubbed air. What’s more, she was dry. Fuzz clouded her memory, but she […]