If you like my work and would like an image drawn to your specifications, just drop me a note and tell me what you’d like. I wish I had time to create every interesting piece the Internet can envision, but I have bills to pay, and so I have to charge people money to create to their specifications. The good news, is this means that you can have me make a picture that is EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

I consider all commissioner ideas and communications to be private, and I do not disclose details of other people’s ideas, ever. 

Legion Discount!

If you’re supporting me on Patreon, you will receive up to 20% off all commission work!+

+ New Patrons will receive their tier price X the number of months of support as discount, if it totals less than the standard 20%


Supplied Lineart Discount:

You provide a piece of lineart you would like me to add colors too. The base cost for coloring a single figure line art with a simple or blank background is $50. This includes simple shading.

Each additional character will cost an additional $20.

Shading and Background charges still apply.

Simple backgrounds are included.
Complex detailed pictures will incur additional charges.

How It Works:

Send me an email detailing what you’d like. It never hurts to ask, and I love talking to people about ideas. For fanart, I recommend you send links to images of all characters involved. And yes, I mean links, not pictures. Do not send media without my direct request.

– Don’t assume I know who you’re talking about, I live under a rock. –

Describe the image you’d like me to create. More detail is always better. It will save time and work later. BE SPECIFIC as to what you want. I’ll quote a price for your work based on the rate information above and begin work on your say-so.

All payments will be over PayPal. Payments must be in U.S. Dollars (PayPal will convert your local currency for you). A Paypal fee of 3.5%+$.50 and Local taxes of 8% will be added to the quote. PAYMENTS IN -ANY- FORM OF CRYPTOCURRENCY WILL BE REJECTED AND RETURNED WITH ANY AND ALL PAYPAL FEES ADDED TO THE BALANCE.

At each stage of the process, I will send you a proof.

  1. When the Pose sketch is complete
  2. When the lineart is complete
  3. When the base colors are complete
  4. When the shading and any effects are complete.

At your direction, I will make any changes you’d like to the image at each stage, but once you’ve signed off on that stage, further alteration will incur an additional charge. (If we’re to the shading phase and you want to change the pose you agreed to back at the lineart stage for instance).

Each proof stage includes up to THREE rounds of changes

You do not have to pay until the final proof stage is approved. But until you pay, all proofs will include large “SAMPLE” watermarks.

Once you’ve signed off on the final proof and have paid the bill, I’ll send or upload  a watermark-free version of the image.

Things to Remember

By initiating the commissioning process, you agree to the following: 

  • I’m not so good at drawing chibis or furries.
  • I will NOT draw Gore, Excessive Violence, or strong Hardcore Porn. Nudity, softcore, and some mild hardcore is all right. If you’re not sure which your idea is, feel free to email and ask. 🙂
  • Unless you SPECIFICALLY ask me not to, I may post the finished piece on this site, in or elsewhere for promotional purposes. If you wish, I will flag a commission as “from Anonymous” to protect your privacy. I don’t post everything I do (in fact only about a quarter of it), and only post in galleries I own and which fit the style of the piece.
  • While I will draw pictures of an adult nature, I will not break the laws of my home country (the United States). So no pedophilia, or anything I feel is to close to the line. I respect the commissioner’s rights to feel differently, but I have to obey the law.
  • I respect everyone who deals with me, and consider any commissioner’s request to be personal and privileged. I don’t discuss them with other people. Ever.
  • All my delivered work will be in .jpg or .png format. I don’t provide access to my native working files.
  • My linework is vector based, but the coloring, and final images are raster based. This means I do not recommend increasing or decreasing the final image’s size. If you need a specific resolution, let me know and I will work at that resolution.
  • I do not do free Requests, don’t ask.
  • My signature will be placed unobtrusively on every piece of commissioned art, and cannot be removed.
  • You, as the Commissioner, hold all rights to the finished piece for personal use.
  • Commercial use of my images is possible with my permission, but is subject to other rights limitations and a different fee structure.