Tara, the Inventor

Tara, the Inventor

The Aqua OC’s are getting their on AU reimagining: Soul of the Sea

Tara Brockway

  • Background: 
    • An inventor who seeks to combine materials and magic to bring out the full potential in each of them, the people of her village observe her work with equal parts curiosity and caution. After being falsely accused of an explosive accident in the nearby mines, she begins her journey to clear her name, and to put her designs to the best use possible.
  • Class: 
    • Engineer
  • Weapons: 
    • Sledgehammer, flintlock pistol
  • Example Weaponskills: 
    • Pulverize (hammer, chance to stun enemy) Flare (pistol, increases party damage against marked enemy)
  • Magic Attunement: 
    • Fire
  • Combat Specialization: 
    • Damage over time, team offense buffs
  • Combat Spell: 
    • Fire Blast (single-target damage, followed by burning damage over time)
  • Utility Spell: 
    • Overheat (increase party member’s damage)
  • Overworld Spell: 
    • Torch (increases night/darkness visibility)
  • Underwater Spell: 
    • Inner Warmth (allows diving in cold waters)
  • Passive Trait: 
    • Inventor (combines components and spells to make consumable items, such as bombs, potions, emergency air supplies, etc.)