Barbara Gordon – Vacay Emergency

Barbra Gordon, relaxing on a white sand beach, wearing a swimsuit that look suspiciously like a classic Batgirl costume...

After a long, long few months of fighting crime in Gotham, Batgirl needed a break. So she bought a ticket to the tropics, booked a room at a fabulous beach resort and counted the days til her trip.

Unfortunately, she went to paradise. Her luggage, went to Dayton, Ohio. Her only clothes were the ones on her back, and something Bruce had given her before she left…

“They’re pills,” she said looking at the things in her palm.

“No, they’re hyper-compressed outfits,” Bruce corrected her. “They even have accessories. Just put one of them in hot water, and it will expand to its original shape. How do you think I get the Batsuit through airport security?”

Which prompted two questions. First, don’t you think Batman showing up outside Gotham the same time Bruce Wayne is there is a bit of a dead giveaway. And second, when the hell does Bruce Wayne ever have to deal with airport security?

So, she got to her room, and dropped the tablets in hot water.

Which was when she realized why Alfred always selected Bruce’s wardrobe…