Courtney: Ending the Game


It took her several tries, but Courtney finally broke seven minutes. On the other hand, she looks about spent.

But Stigy, you say, how is this ending the game? Well… you see…

Surprise bonus pic! 

“Dear Cassandra,

We’ve never been formally introduced. My name is Amy. and I’m Courtney’s sister. Among other things, I’ve been the one photographing her end of this crazy little contest, and as of now I’m calling it officially a draw. 

See, this is what happened after every one of her most recent attempts to beat your time.  She’d get up near seven minutes and then bam! Her adrenaline would kick in, and she’d involuntarily transform – reducing yet another of her swimsuits to ribbons in the process. As the person who holds the purse strings in our family, I cannot afford to keep replacing her my sister’s work clothes because of her ego.

Besides, it’s not a fair contest. In her transformed state, she can freaking breathe water. So I’m calling this, before someone gets hurt. Please don’t waste your effort on another massive time, I’ll just delete the message and she’ll never see it. Courtney’s not dumb, but she’s never figured out how  this whole inter-dimensional time-traveling email thing works.

Y’all the best, be happy.

And can I just say? BIG FAN, can’t wait for SC7.

-Amy Jones