Lunamaria Hawke – Sport Diving


Lunamaria Hawke is an ace Mobile Suit (think giant robot) pilot from Zaft, the Coordinator’s military force. Coordinators are people who had their DNA altered before birth. They’re faster, stronger, smarter than natural humans, and to some, they are the greatest threat to humanity.

Years before, Coordinators were all but exiled to space colonies orbiting Earth, but there they organized, and fought two long and bloody wars for independence. But that was a few years ago.  Now, an uneasy truce has been declared, at least officially. 

And so, Lunamaria Hawke, ace pilot of Zaft is visiting friends in the Earthbound island nation of Orb, on a much deserved holiday. They took her to a quiet spot, just off shore, where the reefs are home to a bewildering number of beautiful local fish.

Unfortunately, what no one knew, was that an undersea carrier belonging to an Earth-Alliance military unit called Phantom Pain was in the area, conducting covert reconnaissance.

As Luna dives deep, with only a short term pony bottle for air, a shadow appears in the sea behind her…


Lunamaria comes from the anime Gundam Seed:Destiny, and is a character I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. Her scuba gear is based on a more elaborate rig designed by the incredible Shoxxe himself. 🙂