Neo Atlantis: Surprise!


Some very bad people tied Amy to an anchor and threw her overboard, hoping to shut the little hacker’s mouth permanently. 

Fortunately, both Beth and Courtney were nearby. Unfortunately, neither could catch Amy before disaster, unless one of them revealed their secret to the other. Beth, it seems was just a bit faster, reverting to her mermaid form and slapping her now superfluous Nanobreather over Amy’s face. Even if growing a tail did destroy her swimsuit.

Courtney, was only a blink behind her though, and now everyone’s secrets are out.

What happens next? We’ll find out…

***Fun Facts***

  • Beth’s mermaid voice sounds quite a bit different, more melodious.
  • Courtney has never spoken in her battle form while underwater (in canon, anyway). It’s intelligible, not distorted and garbled, but it has add timbre and echo. She thinks it makes her sound like a superhero.
  • Amy, who already knew all about Courtney’s other form, just wants to know what the heck is up with Beth.