LEGION EVENT: Queen of the Fictional Sea announcement!


This summer, the “Battle of the Cartoon Crushes” will become “Queen of the Fictional Sea”!

We’re accepting nominations from now until June 30th. Your favorite ladies from cartoons, anime, video games, comics… any visual media are welcome! See below for the legal requirements and how to nominate characters. Anyone (even non-Legionnaires) may submit up to FIVE lovely ladies to compete.

Voting will begin in early July and conclude on September 1st. Here’s how it works:

Beginning July 17th, polls will be presented Monday through Friday offering a simple choice:  Character A, or Character B. Each poll will run for 24 hours.  The public at large can vote via twitter (@DStigy). My Legionnaires can also vote on my Patreon.

We will once again have a bracket challenge for fun and bragging rights, and maybe a free artwork request. 😉 The challenge is also open to EVERYONE not just Legionnaires. Brackets will be available July 5th, and I’ll have more on those later.

Last year’s tournament was a lot of fun, I hope this year’s s EPIC.

Set Sail for Adventure!


Some notes on Nominations:

  • Nominations must be submitted via email. Send them to stigysartbook@gmail.com. Please do not submit via public comment.
  • The character must be fictional, and have appeared either as text only (from a novel), or in some previously drawn state. This is because drawing real people without their authorized consent is problematic, especially on Patreon (I.E. “Princess Leia” is perfectly fine, “Princess Leia as played by Carrie Fisher” is not).
  • Many of these characters have several versions, designs and iterations. Please consider all of them in your choice, not just the one depicted.
  • Characters must have been depicted in their cannon as over the age of eighteen. Fanfic, AUs, mathematical age ups, etc. DO NOT QUALIFY.
  • Characters will be randomly assigned a “region” for the sake of the bracket challenge. We’re using the cardinal directions this year, to make things easier.
  • Don’t worry about duplicating nominations, that will only increase the character’s seeding in their assigned region.

Any questions or concerns, please ask over email: stigysartbook@gmail.com.