Alenia the Ranger

Alenia, the Ranger

The Aqua OC’s are getting their on AU reimagining: Soul of the Sea


  • Background: 
    • A nymph living in a secret lakeside grotto with her sisters, she disguises herself as a ordinary human and visits nearby settlements to learn of human culture and watch for anything that could endanger her kind. As the nymphs’ matron goddess warns of a looming threat to her people far across the land, her knowledge of humans and curiosity about the outside world leads her to volunteer herself for the goddess’ quest.
  • Class: 
    • Ranger
  • Weapons: 
    • Bow + arrows, fishing spear
  • Example Weaponskills: 
    • Pin Down (bow, reduces enemy speed) Pinpoint Strike (spear, bypasses enemy guard)
  • Magic Attunement: 
    • Water
  • Combat Specialization:
    • Piercing damage, enemy defense debuffs
  • Combat Spell: 
    • Icicle (single-target damage, decreases enemy defense)
  • Utility Spell: 
    • Soothing Rain (heals party member, followed by healing over time)
  • Overworld Spell: 
    • Cooling Mist (increases heat resistance, allowing travel through hot areas)
  • Underwater Spell: 
    • Mermaid’s Grace (increases swimming speed, grants clear underwater vision)
  • Passive Trait: 
    • Nature’s Friend (finds items in the overworld, discovers hidden passages)