Carla, the Rogue

Carla, the Rogue

The Aqua OC’s are getting their on AU reimagining: Soul of the Sea

Carla Monroe

  • Background: 
    • A noblewoman who has grown bored of her proverbial gilded cage, she hones her skills in secret to aid her people in facing threats from within. Upon learning that the dangers facing her town are farther-reaching than she first realized, she sets off into the world under the cover of the night to fix the problem at the source.
  • Class: 
    • Rogue
  • Weapons: 
    • Saber, dual daggers
  • Example Weaponskills: 
    • Riposte (saber, bonus attack after evading enemy attacks) Silencing Strike (daggers, chance to prevent enemy spellcasting)
  • Magic Attunement: 
    • Wind
  • Combat Specialization: 
    • Slashing damage, enemy offense debuffs
  • Combat Spell: 
    • Gale (single-target damage, increases own evasion)
  • Utility Spell: 
    • Turbulence (reduces enemy damage)
  • Overworld Spell: 
    • Sky Dance (allows fast travel to previously-visited areas)
  • Underwater Spell: 
    • Second Breath (doubles lung capacity, can only be used before diving)
  • Passive Trait: 
    • Night’s Ally (lockpicking, trap disarming, hiding in plain sight)